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5 ways to wear a shirtdress : miniskirt over a shirtdress

#30wears: 5 ways to wear a shirtdress

Sustainable fashion is more than eco-fabrics and new technologies; a big aspect of sustainability is combating overconsumption. Eco-fashion activist Livia Firth has attacked “throwaway fashion”, saying women buying new outfits should always ask: “Will I wear this 30 times?”. Since then the hashtag #30wears has been...

Victoria Onken is asking Mango: #whomademyclothes? as a part of Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week: #whomademyclothes?

Today marks the end of Fashion Revolution Week, the global movement led by Fashion Revolution, to urge radical changes within the fashion industry. In this post you can read about the key points of the Fashion transparency Index and learn about the #whomademyclothes movement....