6 Sustainable party outfit ideas for every occasion

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6 Sustainable party outfit ideas for every occasion

Is dressing up for Christmas parties stressing you out? It shouldn’t. I’ve got you covered! The lovely Anna from The Panachery and I have teamed up again and went to the LENA Fashion Library to see if we could score some cool outfits. Here are some of the sustainable party outfit ideas and tips we came up with:

1. Party in a restaurant:

  • Break out your most uncomfortable high heels. You know, the ones collecting dust but are oh-so-pretty?
  • Don’t wear a pencil skirt, a very high-waisted pants or a tightly belted dress. You’ll be sitting down all the evening: clothes with a tight waistline will pinch you and stop you from sitting (and eating) comfortably.
  • I love mixing textures like sequins with velvet, lace or leather; there’s something so luxurious and rich about these fabrics that makes me feel festive just by touching them.
Sustainable party outfit 1: going to a restaurant

MSCH dark blue vivi Rib Dress: borrow 100 points / buy €55,-

Go ahead and combine different necklaces. No need to look like Mr. T from The A-Team, but sometimes more is more… it is, after all, a festive occasion.

2. Party in a club:

  • It’s really important to feel good and also comfortable in a club. I mean… you will be dancing… hopefully. Wear the comfortable shoes and focus on your upper body instead. The club will get busy and that’s the part of your body that will be visible anyway.
  • Add some sparkle or a killer décolletage… or both. I love glitter tops or dresses on the dance floor with lights bouncing off the sequins.
  • Dress light. Usually, I layer a few tops when I go to a club and take a layer off when the dancing warms me up. You don’t want to be stuck in a warm (although cute) sweater at 2 am in a club, trust me.
Sustainable party outfit 2: going to a club

MSCH Lora Fairy Jacket: borrow 100 points / buy €160,-

Filippa K blue trousers: borrow 50 points / buy €88,-

Sequin top: borrow 50 points / buy €34,90

3. Date night:

  • If it’s just the two of you and no parents, friends or colleagues to consider, why not to go a bit risqué? Stay in your comfort zone, but heat things up just a bit. A dramatic long dress? Deep cleavage? Stockings and garter belt?… Why not?
  • Choose statement-making outerwear. Why not borrow an amazing dramatic coat to set the tone for the evening?
Sustainable party outfit 3: Date night

Black vintage velvet dress: borrow 100 points / buy €50,-

REPLAY faux fur coat: borrow 100 points / buy €90,-

I’ve borrowed this dress before (here). I have to say the décolletage was too deep, even for me. I had to sew it in a bit, to make it decent. The coat was a nice addition this time: I do love a bit of drama and this shaggy coat complements the theatrical feel of this dress perfectly. I get inspired a lot by movies and shows and wanted to do a “Game of Thrones” inspired outfit for ages. The winter is coming!

4. His office party/dinner with the in-laws:

  • Is it time to get drunk and flash too much cleavage? Not really. I tend to dress more conservatively in these situations, but add a few unexpected funky details.
  • Mix modern and classic features. Here I love how the cool bag and fishnets bring points of interest to an otherwise very classic and demure outfit. By going monochrome you’ll create a bit more tension, so don’t worry about going all black.
Sustainable party outfit 4: His office party/dinner with the in-laws

1990s Carre vintage dress:borrow 50 points / buy €50,-

LUCKY NELLY vegan clutch made from Italian washable paper,€149,- (buy here)

5. An “ugly sweater party” or party with friends:

  • The Ugly Sweater Party trend came to Europe from the US and has been going strong for the past few years. While the idea is fun and silly, it does have significant environmental repercussions, mostly because these sweaters are unwearable the rest of the year — at least, for any self-respecting, somewhat-fashion-savvy individual. Research by environmental charity Hubbub says that one in three under-35s buys a new Christmas sweater every year. But you know, you can simply wear the same old sweater again. Honestly, who’s going to remember, or even care, after a few cups of rum-spiked eggnog?
  • Wear an “ugly sweater” alternative, which I secretly think is super-pretty! This 80’s sweater is da bomb and you can’t make me think otherwise so don’t even try!
Sustainable party outfit 5: An “ugly sweater party” or party with friends

1980s sweater by Jessica Roberts: borrow 75 points / buy €40,-

Jeager vintage pencil skirt: borrow 100 points / buy €65,-

6. Restaurant and then a club after:

  • There’s no time like a fabulous gala or event to wear your most extreme dress. Whether it’s feathered, sequinned, or bejeweled, don’t hesitate to pull that baby out for your next party. Christmas party is not a time to be a wallflower! Get your sustainable party outfit on and dance the night away. 
  • Or have some fun: pick a decade and play dress-up. I love choosing a funky dress that’s comfortable enough for eating AND dancing. By choosing a retro dress and modern accessories you’ll create a cool and dynamic image.
Sustainable party outfit 6: Restaurant and then a club after

1980s vintage black dress: borrow 100 points / buy €59,-

Bonus tip: if you live in Amsterdam

LENA library is doing a special promotion, where you can bring your old party dress (that is still nice but you wore it a lot and want something new) and borrow another dress instead of your old one. Someone else will enjoy your dress until January, then you can pick up your old friend and take it home. If this is not the best concept for a sustainable party outfit, I don’t know what is.

What is your go-to party outfit? Do share!

  • Neely Moldovan
    December 19, 2017

    Loving these looks so much!

  • December 19, 2017

    I love all of these looks! That long coat is just stunning on you.

  • December 19, 2017

    What fun ideas! I think these are all perfect for their set occasions; thanks for the tips.



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