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I was born in Minsk and raised in Israel. I’ve been traveling all my life and finally, for the last 15 years, I proudly call Amsterdam my home.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been a graphic designer and owner of AntFarm Designs.

Sustainability became an important part of my life after giving birth to my daughter. To be honest, I hadn’t really given it much thought before that. Fashion has always been an important part of my life but sustainability…. well, not so much. With the arrival of my daughter I got to thinking more and more about the origins of my clothes, the ecology and the toxic impact of fashion on our planet. For the first time ever I was worried about the kind of world we were leaving behind for my little girl.

I knew the only way I could start to make a difference was to live differently and make conscious choices about the impact of products that I bought on the environment.

Never having been known for doing things half-heartedly, I embarked on a journey of trying not to buy anything for a year. During that time, I learned how to recycle old clothes and make them into new outfits. This was where my passion for Eco fashion began. I discovered that somewhat unfairly, sustainable fashion was often misunderstood and associated with hippies and hipsters. In fact, I discovered that there are numerous designers making sustainable clothes to suit all tastes. This was perfect for me as sustainability is important but as a woman in her mid-thirties who is style conscious, it was also critical that I could experiment with different styles without being forced into dressing a certain way due to lack of choice. This is when I couldn’t wait any longer and embarked on a new adventure, the sustainable fashion blog – styleme.green

  • Do you care about looking good but also want to minimize the impact of your clothes shopping on the environment?
  • Are you curious about sustainable fashion?
  • Do you have a love for vintage clothes?
  • Would you like advice on ways to wear your favorite old clothes in a fresh new and contemporary way?

Then this sustainable fashion blog is the blog for you.

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