My latest sustainable discovery: The Karigar cape  Brands I Love   My latest sustainable discovery: The Karigar cape

My latest sustainable discovery: The Karigar cape

If you are wondering why you haven’t heard from me lately, I will tell you: Tam-dam-dam! I have now launched in Russian! If you are a Russian speaker you should check it out, the articles on both blogs are not always the same.

Ok, back to the issue at hand: just a quick blog post about my latest discovery and an absolute summer favorite. Karigar capes have been my wardrobe staple since I discovered them last October. I love them not just for their versatility (you can drape them in 15 different ways!) and vibrant colors but also because Karigar really does care. The 3 wonderful women behind Karigar care about women empowerment, forest conservation, organic fibers and craft revival. If you are interested you can read about their production methods and ideology here. Each cape is equipped with a Talking Tag (the QR code on the hangtag) where you can discover the untold stories of the makers and see how the products come alive.

my favourite Karigar capes

Karigar Cape New Delhi………………………………………… Karigar Cape Stockholm

The biggest surprise came to me when I discovered how handy my Karigar cape was in the summer. I mean, you don’t automatically associate a big woolen scarf with the hot weather, right? I was packing for my holiday (to Israel where it can get very hot in the day and cold at night) and the capes looked so cozy that I threw one into my hand luggage and one in a suitcase. And what a great idea that turned out to be. I used them so much: from cuddling up with my ‘mini-me’ on the flight (and not having to use the communal blankets), to throwing it over my dress when the temperatures dropped in the evenings.

My latest sustainable discovery: The Karigar cape
Maya and I on the beach in the Karigar cape

I’m not usually a fan of capsule wardrobes, but if I would have made a capsule my Karigar cape would absolutely make it.

The carigar cape in the summer
Karigar cape is handy on the beach

What is your versatile summer staple?

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