Borrowing clothes from the fashion library has saved me € 455,00 in January. Really…  Sustainable Fashion   Borrowing clothes from the fashion library has saved me € 455,00 in January. Really…

Borrowing clothes from the fashion library has saved me € 455,00 in January. Really…

Borrowing clothes have never been so cute AND profitable. Better later than never, let me show you what I’ve borrowed in the month of January from LENA fashion library and how much money I have saved:

Denim skirt – “Noumenon”, Vegan Fashion brand – (secondhand value € 85,95)

Worn: 3 times

I loved this skirt! A little bit on a short side but so versatile; it worked really well pared up with a white blouse or a t-shirt. The frayed hemline and the longer back gave this classic mini-skirt a modern twist. I’m considering buying this one!

Borrowing clothes : Denim Noumenon mini-skirt

Woolen mini skirt – “Filippa K” – (secondhand value € 95,00)

Worn: 2 times

This skirt was very well made! Despite the cold weather, the warm woollen fabric has kept me toasty even outside. Borrowing clothes have its pluses: I probably would not have chosen this style in the shop but I felt like experimenting a bit at the Fashion Library and was pleasantly surprised!

Borrowing clothes : Woolen Filippa K mini-skirt

Blazer – “Dept” – (secondhand value € 119,95)

Worn: 2 times

I’ve pared this black blazer with faux leather culottes for a grungy look. With the weather being dark and gloomy I felt like I wanted to go a bit darker with my style as well.

Dept blazer

Velvet dress – Vintage – (secondhand value € 50,00)

Worn: 3 times

I’ve initially borrowed this velvet dress for a date night, but wore it on a mini-lunch date (with Nikolai and our four year old girl, Maya) and for a coffee with a friend. I never really got into velvet the last time around so this time it was a perfect opportunity to borrow the dress to test this trend out. Even though it’s clearly an evening dress, I’ve enjoyed wearing it during a day, pared with a light sweater.

Vintage velvet dress

Woolen dress – “Filippa K” – (secondhand value € 69,90)

Worn: 4 times

This was such an easy dress to wear. I wore a blouse or a t-shirt under it and it worked equally well with heels as with flats. I almost didn’t want to return this dress… but that’s the point of borrowing clothes: you play with them and take them back.

woolen Filippa K dress

Dress – “Goat” – (secondhand value € 69,90)

Times worn by me: 3

This dress made me feel like such a lady! The cut and the color of the dress somehow always made me feel like Claire Underwood while wearing it.

"Goat" Mint dress
January: Total value: € 489,75 - € 34,95 = € 454,80. Hours spent “shopping” (choosing the clothes): 2h 00min
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