Hello sustainable fashion, it’s nice to meet you

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Hello sustainable fashion, it’s nice to meet you

Sustainable fashion and sustainability, in general, took an important part of my life only after becoming a mom. To be honest, I haven’t really given it much thought before that. Fashion was always an important part of my life and sustainability…. well, not so much. With the arrival of my daughter, I got to thinking more and more about the origins of my clothes, ecology and toxic impact of fashion on our planet. For the first time ever I was bothered by the thoughts about the world we are leaving behind for my little girl. I knew the only way I could start to make a difference was by changing the minds around me… but most of all my way of life had to change. Not the one to be known to do things half-heartedly, I’ve embarked on a journey of not buying anything for a year. A fun, year-long project, where I’ve learned how to customize my clothes, DIY and about the share economy. You can read about my journey here: 365dayswithoutshopping.com

Victoria Onken sustainable fashion blogger
Sustainability includes several components - economic, social & the environmental. We need all three of these working together to create a truly sustainable fashion industry.

That year had changed my life for better in so many ways that I just couldn’t go back to my previous way of living and thinking. A passion for sustainable fashion took over my life and became a seed for this blog. This is my journey of making ethical, yet attainable, fashion decisions by gaining more understanding of how our buying decisions affect the environment and others. I’m hoping to inspire and encourage you to enter the conversation on conscious choices. This blog is a platform for a fashion conscious woman who is not just passionate about style but also curious about the new developments in the world of sustainable fashion, fresh ways to wear vintage and about the share-economy. I want to find out what are the oldest famous fashion houses are doing to improve the ecological impact, what are the newest technological finds in a world of fashion and how can we change our mind and habits and consume less… but still have enough.

  • Christen Batson
    January 2, 2017

    this is totally my new year’s resolution!

  • lindsi98
    January 2, 2017


  • Tara Haynes
    January 3, 2017

    Good luck!


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