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My sustainable Berlin

Finally, we are here, 2019, Happy New Year!

Next week one of the biggest European sustainable fashion fairs, The Neonyt, is happening in Berlin. Even though I won’t be able to attend the fair this year it started me thinking about which of my favorite sustainable Berlin brands I would like to share with you. So, whether you are attending the Neonyt or not, you must must must check them out. They are absolutely brilliant. Hello, sustainable Berlin!


I met Malina Sebastian about a year ago and was immediately in awe of her creativity and attention to details. The minimalistic designs of Malina’s creations are inspired by nature and art, manufactured in Germany and made from organic fabrics. Every collection produced is completely unique and currently only available at the GALLERY MALINA.

Malina Sebastian sweater

My favorite Malina Sebastian powder-pink sweater, so soft and lovely. I wear it as a dress sometimes.

White wool Malina Sebastian dress

This white wool dress is a real showstopper. Every. Single. Time.

my absolute staple: Malina Sebastian black cropped pants

My absolute staple: Malina Sebastian black cropped pants

GALLERY MALINA combines fashion & art. The concept is based on a museum installation, which means the collections and products are presented like artworks. The regular sales are combined with creative events. GALLERY MALINA prides itself on supporting sustainable and innovative brands with high-quality design.


The Berlin fashion designer label LUCKYNELLY creates fashionable and luxurious handbags and other accessories that are 100% vegan and PETA Approved. The handbags are made out of the most innovative and ecological vegan materials in the world, such as the genuine sewable wood, real sewable slate stone, Piñatex, apple skin, high-quality reflective pleather, organic velvet and cork.

LUCKYNELLY black paper clutch

This is the clutch that I have (but sadly all the pics I have of it are too dark). I love how quirky and unique it is: its design is based on a classic lunch paper bag and it’s made out of washable paper. Pretty amazing, right?

My sustainable Berlin

So pretty…

Christine Rochiltz, the designer behind the brand, is truly passionate about animals. The name LUCKYNELLY comes from the names of her beloved pets: “Lucky” (the bunny) and “Nelly” (the dog). Sweet, right?

“Lucky” (the bunny) and “Nelly” (the dog)

“Lucky” (the bunny) and “Nelly” (the dog).


As the daughter of a New Yorker Broadway actress and a German stage manager, Layla Mueller’s childhood took place behind the scenes of a huge cultural industry. That is where her enthusiasm for costumes and fashion began.

“Knothingelse” is a part of a Berlin fashion label, “Layla De Mue”. I love this name: “Knothingelse”: Layla makes such pretty statement necklaces out of eco-certified viscose cord, twisted in different knots. The inspiration for the jewelry collection “Knothingelse” came from Layla Mueller’s father, who as a stage master is dependent on ropes as well as reliable knots and knotting techniques to secure him at 30 meters above the stage.

Knothingelse neckless

Statement necklace by Knothingelse, For an order go here.

The most amazing thing about this necklace (besides how light and silky it is) is how it can be worn in different ways. This is neckless is actually 10 necklaces in one, which makes it one of the best sustainable gifts (for yourself or someone else)!

Layla wearing the Statement necklace by Knothingelse

The beautiful Layla is demonstrating all the different ways this neckless can be worn.

What are your favorite Berlin brands?

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