My favorite vegan bags: Studio MeDusa  Brands I Love   My favorite vegan bags: Studio MeDusa

My favorite vegan bags: Studio MeDusa

As I was walking on the streets of Tel Aviv on an extremely hot dusty morning I couldn’t be more excited to meet the designers behind the iconic accessory brand, MeDusa. My love affair with Tel-Aviv begun many years ago and MeDusa vegan bags embody all the qualities I love about this city: they are colorful, unexpected, quirky and modern at the same time.

As I stepped off the bustling main street into the MeDusa studio I was met by an array of stunning bright colors and by one half of the design duo, Adi Gal.

With the talented designer Adi Gal

Very excited to meet the talented accessory designer, Adi Gal.

Vegan bags don’t have to be boring

Are you looking for a vegan bag that’s a little bit different? Look no further! MeDusa seamlessly blends modern textures with oriental ornaments and vintage shapes.

Studio MeDusa colorful clutches

The colors are so bright and gorgeous that it’s actually hard to choose a favorite!

The concept of MeDusa came to life in 2009, when Israeli designers Gili Rozin Tamam and Adi Gal were searching for a way to bring innovative textiles into the fashion and accessories industry. Gili and Adi have met during their study at the Shenkar School of Engineering & Design, where the idea of the vacuum forming technique was born.

The design

The design duo was driven by the desire to create something completely new in the fashion accessory market, to take a relatively well-known material and use it in a groundbreaking and innovative way.The first challenge for the young designers was to find the right material, a material that would be both beautiful and durable and could withstand the heat of vacuum forming. The MeDusa designers discovered that a locally produced PVC, which is 90% recycled, had all the qualities required for their designs.

The recycled PVC sheets

90% recycled PVC & color resin sheets are ready to be made into beautiful bags.

The next challenge was to actually produce the bags. Although this “vacuum forming” technique is not new and is widely used in packaging, it’s never been used to make an accessory. Gal and Adi found a local family business that was able to adjust the process and so their signature style of bags, purses, and clutches was born.

MeDusa studio

This is where “the magic happens”… the creative center of the brand.

The designers draw their inspiration from the flora and fauna of the sea and their recent travels to Morocco and India. The top layer consists of a color pigment, which makes the bags resistant to scratching and peeling as well as waterproof and very durable. Furthermore, Medusa designers believe in sustainability and durability of their bags and will happily fix any damage from long time wear free of charge.

My favorite vegan bags: Studio MeDusa

The showroom… so many styles to choose from!

Studio MeDusa takes pride in the fact that their bags a locally produced. This way they can guarantee not just fair working conditions, but also a high quality of the garments.

MeDusa bag that won the 2014 Bernina Best Handmade Handbag award

This amazing mini-clutch has won the 2014 Bernina Best Handmade Handbag award. I love the detail on it and in fact, this little fella is on my most-wanted list.

My favourite MeDusa vegan bags

the blue MeDusa clutch

Love this clutch so much I got it in black! (And it’s on sale now… you are welcome)

the MeDusa slim clutch

The clutches have very cool magnetic locks, that make opening and closing of these bags a breeze.

trying on the felissya shoulder bag

Very comfy large Felissy Shoulder bag. Not heavy, with a zipper and 2 inner pockets.

White Lily crossbody bag by MeDusa

This little fella. So cute! And it has an adjustable shoulder strap so it can be worn as a crossbody bag. In fact, all the clutches have an adjustable strap.

Bucket bag/backpack by MeDusa

Bucket bags are so hot right now. This bucket vegan bag/backpack will definitely keep it’s “bucket” shape because of the blue embossed PVC bottom. 

So what does the internet say?

I’m not the only fan of MeDusa bags. Here are some examples how other girls are wearing their vegan bags:

MeDusa bags on the web

Do you like bright bags or do you prefer to stick to natural shades?

  • October 23, 2017

    Wow! Those are beautiful and I absolutely love the bright colors!

  • October 23, 2017

    These are so stylish and versatile. It’s great that they will fix any damage, what a bonus!


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