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My favorite sustainable raincoats for the Dutch summer

Do you love a summer storm? Fat slow drops of rain flood the summer day, cooling the air and cleaning off the dust. I love to be outside in the summer and I’m a sucker for a good summer storm: sheltering from the downpour in the dunes or in the closest tent at a music festival. I’m always on the lookout for a perfect summer raincoat. It has to be light, breathable and, of course, sustainable. Here are the two of my latest finds: the sustainable raincoats ByBrown.


Sustainable or not, a good summer raincoat has to do just 3 things:

  1. Look pretty
  2. It has to be made out of breathable fabric
  3. It has to be easy to fold.
My favourite rain jackets: byBrown green raindress

Photography by Victoria Ushkanova

Thisrain dress does exactly that and more. I love the minimalist aesthetic of The Raindress, it reminds me of a mix between a monk and a ninja. This raindress is actually designed for cycling in the rain, which is so so useful here in Holland.

The Raindress is made from Bluesign® industry approved technical material, which is 100% waterproof, 100% windproof and has a breathable membrane. The Bluesign® system is the solution for a sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production. This not only ensures that the final textile product meets very stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide but also provides confidence to the consumer to acquire a sustainable product.

My favorite sustainable raincoats for the Dutch summer

The waterproof and breathable 2-layered fabric is a technology developed by SINGTEX. It works with a membrane, which allows the skin moisture to escape out of the fabric, butbut stops the rain entering at the same time. This, to me, is the best part of this raindress: it’s not only light & can also be snapped up into a bag in five steps and, most importantly, it’s made with breathable fabric, so it doesn’t get too hot and sweaty in the summer.

Standing in the green raindress byBrown
How to fold the raindress byBrown


This is a really cool coat. I love its architectural lines and how easy it is to combine this raincoat with most clothes in my wardrobe. The Aqua Raincoat is very light, has sealed seams and laser cut & bonded finishings. All the zips are waterproof.

The Blue Aqua Raincoat - being caught in the rain
Rolling around in the blue Aqua Raincoat byBrown

The fabric is made using the Scafé technology, which is 16% recycled coffee grounds, 16% recycled polyester and 68% polyester with a 3-layer waterproof and breathable membrane construction. Ever imagine that the coffee we drink can be transformed into the apparels we wear? S. Café® technology, with a low-temperature, high-pressure and energy saving process, combines coffee grounds onto the yarn surface, changing the characteristics of the filament, and offers up to 200% faster drying time compared to cotton.Also, the micro-pores on S.Café® coffee grounds absorb odors and reflect UV rays. Perfect for a rainy festival!

Dreaming in my blue Aqua Raincoat byBrown

Photography by Victoria Ushkanova

What is your favorite summer raincoat? If you haven’t got one yet, check out the sustainable raincoats on ByBrown site. You can get a 15% discount with the STYLEMEGREEN code till 15 of July!

  • July 5, 2017

    I should really get some type of raincoat. I really like the idea of a rain dress – I imagine it covers a lot more.

  • Mia
    July 5, 2017

    This is so cool. I like that it looks like it could be worn on a fashion runway, and is made of recycled goods. Most of the time, rain coats aren’t very flattering, and this one is gorgeous! 🙂

  • July 5, 2017

    Oh my gosh, I love that! I would wear it even when it wasn’t raining. Not to mention it’s sustainable! LOVE IT!

  • July 5, 2017

    I love both the style AND the styling. Raincoats can be so unflattering and this one was great on you.

  • July 6, 2017

    Both of those raincoats look gorgeous! I love how the first one can fold up into such a small parcel, and the colour on the second one is lovely! I use a light-weight kathmandu jacket in the rain, it is a lovely cream colour so it looks nice over clothes in summer too 🙂

  • July 6, 2017

    That looks awesome. My rule of thumb is if it’s raining, stay inside! LOL. Love the colors though.


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