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The fashion library: January (week 2)

On the second week of January I’ve borrowed a black “Dept” blazer and a long vintage velvet dress.

Blazer – “Dept” – (secondhand value € 119,95)

Times worn by me: 2

I’ve pared this black blazer with faux leather culottes for a grungy look. With the weather being dark and gloomy I felt like I wanted to go a bit darker with my style as well.

Velvet dress – Vintage – (secondhand value € 50,00)

Times worn by me: 3

I’ve initially borrowed this velvet dress for a date night, but wore it on a mini lunch date (with Nikolai and our four year old girl, Maya) and for a coffee with a friend. I never really got into velvet the last time around so this time it was a perfect opportunity to borrow the dress to test this trend out. Even though it’s clearly an evening dress, I’ve enjoyed wearing it during a day, pared with a light sweater.

Wearing a vintage velevt dress
velvet dress over a thin sweater

So far, since using the fashion library, I haven’t felt like going shopping in a real store even once. I still enjoy the clothes in my wardrobe and can see myself only shopping in the future for high quality basics.

January, week 2: Total value: € 169,95. Hours spent “shopping” (choosing the clothes): 30min
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