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The fashion library: January (week 1)

What did I borrow last month from the fashion library, you ask? Here are the outfits for week 1:

Denim skirt – “Noumenon”, Vegan Fashion brand – (secondhand value € 85,95)

Times worn by me: 3

Woolen mini skirt – “Filippa K” – (secondhand value € 95,00)

Times worn by me: 2

So far, since using the fashion library, I haven’t felt like going shopping in a real store even once. I still enjoy the clothes in my wardrobe and can see myself only shopping in the future for high quality basics.

January, week 1: Total value: € 180,00. Hours spent “shopping” (choosing the clothes): 40min
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  • Perry Parker
    February 2, 2017



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