Fahion Library: How did I save € 1132,70 in one month?

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Fahion Library: How did I save € 1132,70 in one month?

A month ago I have signed up for the first time to the Fashion Library LENA. Being a bit skeptical I had my reservations: Would I find enough clothes that I like? Would shopping there take a lot of effort and time? How much money will I actually save by joining the library? Here’s the summary of my first month and I have to say, so far I’m impressed. Check this out:

I’ve spent € 34,95 in the month of December. I had a few parties to go to, networking events and a seminar. To calculate the cash I’ve saved on actual shopping I’m adding the secondhand value of all the clothes up. I went to the library 3 times (one week I was away) and this is what I got:

Clothes borrowd from the Fashion Library: Week 1:

Red dress – “Parisian” – (secondhand value € 34,95)

Times worn: 1

Red “Parisian” dress & “Carin Wester” blazer borrowed from the LENA Fashion Library
Red dress “Parisian” borrowed in the Fashion Library

Blazer – “Carin Wester” – (secondhand value € 250,00)

Times worn: 3

Victoria Onken is wearing grey “Carin Wester” blazer while shopping

Week 2:

Black top – “Michelle” – (secondhand value € 39,95)

Times worn: 1

Skirt – “Alexandra Frida” – (secondhand value € 700,00)

Times worn: 1

Flatlay with the black top “Michelle” & “Alexandra Frida” skirt
Close-up of the “Alexandra Frida” skirt

Week 3:

Blazer – Vintage – (secondhand value € 79,95)

Times worn: 4

Denim dress – “Every. Day. Counts” – (secondhand value € 42,90)

Times worn: 3

Green dress – “de Wall” – (secondhand value € 19,90)

Times worn: 2

December: Total value: € 1167,65 - € 34,95 = € 1132,70. Hours spent “shopping”: (choosing the clothes): 3h 20min

So far I loved how borrowing the clothes gave me a feeling of always having something new to wear. This goes especially for the clothes for a special occasion that you might not wear so often. I didn’t feel like going shopping once, even with the winter sales everywhere. So far… so happy!

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